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Data Policy

Balooworld is committed to protecting your privacy. Therefore, Balooworld is informing you of its security measures, its policy on the nature of customer information collected when you order products via the site, the reasons for which this information is collected, and its use. This policy applies to customers in Canada.

Be sure that Balooworld will respect all customers' requests not to share their information with other marketers and respect customers' requests not to receive mail, telephone or other solicitation from us.


Balooworld has implemented state-of-the-art security measures to protect you against loss or unauthorized use of customer information in Balooworld's possession, notably information concerning your credit card. Balooworld's servers use the latest information-transmission technology (Secure Socket Layers, or SSL), which renders its transmission highly secure. In addition, Balooworld's servers are protected by firewall technology. Balooworld ensures its hardware is always in perfect order to allow you to perform secure transactions on the site.

However, no security mechanism is perfect. You must be aware that you are always at some level of risk. Personal information transmitted to Balooworld may be disclosed without any fault on the part of Balooworld and without your consent. Balooworld declines all responsibility regarding forwarded confidential information, except in case of negligence on the part of Balooworld.

Note that, for your security, no information on credit cards is kept on the servers Balooworld uses if you are concerned about confidentiality related to using your credit card on the Internet.

Using Information About You

BalooWorld requires that you transmit your name, address, email address and other information with your consent while purchasing a product or when entering a contest. To the extent possible, BalooWorld will provide you with the means to verify that the confidential information transmitted is accurate and up-to-date.

What use does BalooWorld make of the information collected? Customer information allows BalooWorld to open an account in your name, process your order, contact you if you win a prize in a contest, customize your shopping experience, and, if you so authorize us, send you a customized Newsletter.

Disclosing Information About You

BalooWorld would like to inform you that its advertisers and partners do not, at any time, have access to confidential customer information.

BalooWorld also reserves the right to transmit personal information about you to the extent BalooWorld must do so under the law or to protect the copyright of the site or those of its users, partners, advertisers, or advertisers suppliers.

Take note that any exception will be with your prior consent or as may be permitted or required by law. BalooWorld will keep your information only for as long as it is needed to fulfill the purposes for which it was collected.

Email Marketing Opt-Out

BalooWorld does not share or sell its list of email subscribers. If you no longer wish to be on our email newsletter list, you can unsubscribe by visiting your preference center. Please note that you will need to log in to your account to complete either step.

You may also open any BalooWorld email you received and unsubscribe by clicking the unsubscribe link located towards the bottom of the message.

Update, Correct and Delete Your Info

You can update or correct your mailing address, email address, or other personal information directly in your personal BalooWorld Account. If you don’t have an account, but you signed up for our email updates, you can email us the correcting to do at

Stored Cards

You can update, correct or remove your different credit cards registered in your profile. BalooWorld would like to inform you that its advertisers and/or partners do not, at any time, have access to confidential customer information such as your credit card numbers. All your billing information is protected. You can be sure that it is safe to shop on BalooWorld's payment gateway is powered by Stripe, which is used by other popular companies such as Target, HubSpot, The Salvation Army, and more.


Cookies are small pieces of information that are stored by your browser on your computer's hard drive. Telltales are harmless in that they cannot extract information from your hard disk, over which you have full control. balooworld uses telltales mainly to determine traffic on the site, transmit information that is highly usable by its marketing department, and personalize the future use you make of the site. This technology does not systematically place personal information about you at balooworld's disposal. It is always possible to no longer be subject to cookies by modifying your computer's configuration.


BalooWorld uses Google Adwords and other third-party tools to establish its Remarketing and promote its products, special offers or services online. Our site and third-party suppliers, including Google, use proprietary cookies together ( such as Google Analytics and Google Adwords cookie ) and third-party cookies ( such as cookie AddRoll ) to get information and optimize our offers based on visits to our website and ads on third-party sites. These data are used to determine how visitors use our website and determine which pages they visit frequently. This ensures that the remarketing functions will use the information of users who have an appropriate profile. To prevent a website from using cookies for remarketing, delete the cookies in your browser or use the private browsing feature.

Links To Other Sites

BalooWorld Web site may contain links to other websites. When you click on one of those links, you are contacting another Internet resource or Web site. balooworld is not responsible for the practices or content of such websites and recommends that you check any website's security and privacy policy before providing your personal information. No other website is covered by our privacy & security policy.

Policy Changes

BalooWorld reserves the right to modify this policy. The new policy will apply to all existing and past users of Linen Chest's website and substitute any prior policies that are not in agreement.