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Smart Storage – Solutions For The bedroom

The bedroom is a private space where one can unwind and relax. After spending a stressful day at work, the last stop would be your bedroom. Then how can you neglect it when you are planning of re-doing your house? Although there is no fixed formula to design an ideal...

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How to use color to make your bedroom happier

The aura of your room depends upon the colors you choose. Of course, this article will get you through the journey of painting your walls of the bedroom. Consider a simple example of a fancy eating point - Why do people love visiting their favourite restaurant? To your surprise, a...

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How to wash bed sheet – Common mistakes while washing them

We spend one-third of our lives on our beds, leaving behind all the sweat, oils, germs and dead skin cells. So, how often do you wash the bedsheets in your washing machine? Many of us overlook the need for cleaning the duvet quite often; while some of us wash...

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How to arrange cushions on a couch

Cushions play an essential role in making the living room attractive. They change the appearance of the surrounding where you keep the couch. Somehow, most of the people have trouble managing the cushions on the furniture. They wonder how to decorate the sofa with pillows. It is an easy...

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Why do we need to change pillowcases often?

A pillowcase is one of the linens closest to us while we sleep. We are in direct contact with our pillowcase. Resting on a clean pillowcase promotes hygiene, and you get a sound sleep. However, do you know that if we do not change bed sheets and pillowcases regularly,...

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Genius Cleaning Hacks For a Tidier Home in No Time

Cleaning is a significant aspect to be taken care of if we consider living in our own house. However, many people ponder over the question - How long does it take to clean a house? They are either unwilling to clean their place or are unaware of how to....

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DIY Quilted Velvet Pillow

Not only is velvet trending right now, but it’s perfect for the holidays, even when it comes to decor! Something about velvet makes my home feel cozy, and the soft fabric makes them comfortable to lean on. Whether you are new to sewing or an experienced sewer, you can learn how to make...

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How to stay safe when shopping online

The Internet has revolutionized the way we shop. Why go to a store and wait in line when, with a few taps of our finger, we can have the same item shipped right to our door in a day or two? Nowadays, Online buying has become a pivotal part of many people’s lives....

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The best white sales to shop in January

Smart shoppers know that January is the time for grabbing the best deals through "White Sales". January is the month when retailers put on huge discounts on all kinds of home lines and much more. Diving a little deeper into the details, let us understand what the White Sales exactly are.

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Laundry Care Symbols – What Do These Symbols Mean?

What is Laundry Symbols? Laundry symbol, also called a care symbol, is a pictogram which represents a method of washing, for example - drying, dry-cleaning and ironing clothing. Such symbols are written on labels, known as care labels or care tags, attached to clothing to indicate how a particular item...

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